Cheapest Student Loan Refinance Choices

If you’re carrying a student loan, a refinance can help you tremendously. Finding the cheapest student loan refinance choices are key to getting the most out of transferring your current loan into a new one. What does it mean to Refinance Your Student Loan? When you refinance a loan, it means you open a newContinue reading “Cheapest Student Loan Refinance Choices”

Citi Diamond Preferred Card’s 0% Intro APR

The Citi Diamond Preferred Card is credit card that can help you lower your credit card debt if you take advantage of its 0% APR term. The Citi Diamond Preferred Card, geared for consumers with credit scores above 700, has a substantial introductory period of 18 months with a 0% APR on both purchases andContinue reading “Citi Diamond Preferred Card’s 0% Intro APR”

Understanding Your Credit Score

Many numbers will play a key role in your financial life for different reasons. Among the most important is a three-digit figure that affects nearly all aspects of your financial health – your credit score. Understanding your credit score is important because it basically determines your creditworthiness. It’s a number usually between 300 and 850Continue reading “Understanding Your Credit Score”

Socially Responsible Investing: Pros and Cons

Investment portfolios are personal. Your assets are tailored to your specific financial situation and investing goals. For many people, investment choices go beyond those that make the most money. A growing number of investors are actively scouting for stocks and mutual funds for their moral stance on any number of issues, from the environmental toContinue reading “Socially Responsible Investing: Pros and Cons”

Best Apps to Sell Used Clothes Online

When you need a little extra cash, you can sometimes find a little windfall in your closet. Someone may be willing to pay a pretty penny for your used clothes you no longer wear. Here, we’ll review some of the best apps to sell used clothes online. By choosing a reputable app to sell second-handContinue reading “Best Apps to Sell Used Clothes Online”

Knowledge is Power That’s Priceless

You’ll find a lot of talk about money issues on Wallet Arrow. But one thing that’s sometimes left out of the financial picture is the value of other things. For example, love, friendship, and health are all ways to add “wealth” to your life. Knowledge, which can come from many sources, is arguably also amongContinue reading “Knowledge is Power That’s Priceless”

How to Save $1,000 in a Year

Is your savings account much smaller than you want it be? Saving money might not come easily when you have other expenses to pay before you set aside money. But emergency fund savings are a critical part of a healthy financial plan. For most people, saving three to six months’ worth of monthly expenses isContinue reading “How to Save $1,000 in a Year”

Why an Emergency Fund Ratio is Key to Budgeting

Creating an emergency fund is an important part of developing a budget that keeps you on the right financial path. With enough money set aside, you can stay on the right path, even when life takes a turn. Understanding what an emergency fund ratio is can help you develop your own plan for covering unexpectedContinue reading “Why an Emergency Fund Ratio is Key to Budgeting”

13 Best Movies About Money for Your Watch List Tonight

There’s no getting around it – money plays a key role in our daily life. Whether you’re trying to get out of debt or decide which yacht to buy, money is part of key decisions throughout your life. So, it’s no surprise that movies about money attract attention. Through them, we can learn valuable financialContinue reading “13 Best Movies About Money for Your Watch List Tonight”

What’s on a Traditional Income Statement?

A traditional income statement is key to learning more about a company and how well it is performing. A business’ income statements are valuable for a few reasons. Investors need to know what’s on an income statement so that they can tell if the company’s stock is worth buying. Company executives turn to these financialContinue reading “What’s on a Traditional Income Statement?”