Best Apps to Sell Used Clothes Online

best apps to sell used clothes online
Use an app to help you sell used clothes easily to earn extra money fast.

When you need a little extra cash, you can sometimes find a little windfall in your closet. Someone may be willing to pay a pretty penny for your used clothes you no longer wear.

Here, we’ll review some of the best apps to sell used clothes online. By choosing a reputable app to sell second-hand items, you can earn more for than you would because you’ll have more eager buyers.

So, take some time to dig through your closet and see what second hand clothes you’re willing to part with – whether you need some extra cash or just some more closet space.


ThredUp is definitely among the best apps to sell used clothes online. Calling itself the “largest online thrift store,” ThredUp has more than 50,000 posted items. It markets high-quality secondhand clothes, particularly women’s and children’s clothes.

To sell used clothes online through ThredUp, you need to order a “Clean Out Bag,” which the company will send you for free. Then, ThredUp processes your items (up to 8 weeks with standard processing) and decides whether to accept them to re-sell on their platform or not. If your item is not chosen, you can have ThredUp recycle them or pay $10.99 to have them returned to you.


With Poshmark, you can join the community and list an item to post in just minutes. Sellers take a photo of their used item, which can be women’s wear, menswear, children’s clothing or household goods.

Then, they simply upload it to their “closet” from their phone and share it with other users. Get money in your wallet when the item is delivered.


With more than 34 million users, Vinted, a Lithuanian Company, helps you sell your “pre-loved” used clothing. With this app, you can list your clothes for free. Post a picture, describe the item and set a price.

Once your used clothing sells on the app, you need to send it within 5 days following the shipping instructions. When the seller confirms they’ve received the item, you get 100% of what you sell – no seller’s fees. You can get your money through PayPal, a bank card or what it calls a Vinted Wallet.

LetGo / OfferUp

More of an online yard sale, the LetGo app, now called OfferUp in the U.S., offers a way to sell more than used clothes online. While the site has millions of listings, it focuses on helping your sell your second-hand clothing and other items locally.

A free service, LetGo allows you to take a photo of what you want to sell and create a posting. Categories include furniture, appliances, cars and trucks and, of course, clothing.


Ebay is a classic way to sell used clothes online. Most people have heard of this online bidding site by now. Standing the test of time, it’s still a great way to move your unwanted items to the hands of someone who want them.

You can choose to list on eBay for a flat price, but many people open their items up for bidding. Set a timeframe in which you want to sell you used clothes item, and then users can bid the price they want to pay.

CPlus for Craigslist

Craigslist is another online platform that has been around for quite a while. The company did launch a mobile app in 2019, so users can finally post their listings from their phones.

Post any item you want to sell, including any clothing for any price you’d like. Like LetGo, Craigslist lets buyers search locally.

Facebook Marketplace

Social media giant Facebook has seen a lot of success with its Facebook Marketplace, which lets neighbors sell their used items to neighbors.

Simply post what you want to sell online, whether from the app or from the website, and then coordinate with buyers for how to exchange the goods and money.

Other Ways to Sell Used Clothes for Cash

Aside from using apps to sell used clothes online, you try make money off your clothes in other ways.  

Many upscale second-hand boutiques are happy to consign your used clothes and give you a cut of the profit or a payment upfront.

Or, you can host your own yard sale or join your community yard sale to sell your used clothes to buyers in person. Set your own price or negotiate.

The Bottom Line

Selling your used clothes is an excellent way to put extra money in your pocket as you clean out your closet. Do a little research online before you list your item, so you can try to get the most competitive price.

Fortunately, you have a wide variety of popular apps that can help you sell your used clothing online for very little expense on your part.

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