Cheap Appetizers and Easy Hors D’oeuvres You Can Make Fast

Are you hosting a party soon, or preparing for guests? Having a few cheap and easy appetizers on hand can go a long way in keeping people happy while not driving you insane. We’ll get straight to the point with the recipes because, after all, if you’re getting ready to host people at your place,Continue reading “Cheap Appetizers and Easy Hors D’oeuvres You Can Make Fast”

Splitting the Rent with Roommates: Best Tips

Splitting the rent payments with another person is a great way to save money on what’s usually your largest living expense. It’s much cheaper than living alone and can save you hundreds of dollars on your monthly obligations To keep the peace at your place, it’s a good idea to review your choices for splittingContinue reading “Splitting the Rent with Roommates: Best Tips”

Best Hikes Near D.C. for Stunning Scenery

Washington D.C. is known for its stately monuments, wealth of museums and charming National Mall. The U.S. capitol is chock full of historical and political sights that can keep tourists occupied for days – if not weeks.  Surprisingly, you can also find some of the best hikes on the East Coast near Washington D.C. OfContinue reading “Best Hikes Near D.C. for Stunning Scenery”

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free

If you’re deciding where to go out to eat with children, you might want to think about restaurants where kids eat free. Your wallet will thank you! Finding the best restaurants that serve free kid’s meals can be a little cumbersome. So, Wallet Arrow has put together a handy list of nationwide restaurants that offerContinue reading “Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free”