Do you Need An RFID Wallet for Security?

RFID wallets for men
Learn how RFID wallets keep your personal information under lockdown.

For most people, a wallet is an essential little device for keeping your credit cards and your money organized. But an RFID wallet can offer more – security.

Unfortunately, one form of fraud involves Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) hacking in which radio waves are used to catch and read the information that’s stored in chips.

Then, they can duplicate that information. It’s an increasingly popular way for criminals with a reader and antenna to get your data.

What is RFID used for?

An RFID tag, like what’s found in many credit card chips, is like a little radio transponder. It serves to identify an object like a tag.

How Does an RFID Blocking Wallet Work?

RFID technology essentially prevents electronic pick-pocketing. It keeps your RFID-enabled cards, including credit cards, bank cards, debit cards and driver’s licenses safe.

They work by blocking the RFID signals from your cards with counter-technology that makes it harder for the chips to be read remotely. Essentially, it prevents unauthorized scans.

Are RFID Blocking Wallets Expensive?

RFID Blocking Wallets are no more expensive than other wallets, starting at about $10 to $15 and on up. You can find wallets with this technology at all price points, from very affordable to quite expensive. The price depends mainly on the brand and how they are made – whether from fine materials or affordable ones.

Are RFID Blocking Wallets Really Necessary?

Yes, if you want to keep your personal information more safe. These wallets can add an extra layer of protection for your financial information and your identity – and at little cost. (See How to Choose a Credit Card for more.)

5 Top-Rated RFID Wallet Options – From Affordable to Luxury

1. Travelambo Women’s Wallet

Travelambo Women’s Wallet seems to be one of the most popular wallets on Amazon, ranked as a #1 Best Seller. This bifold simple and streamlined and comes in a wide array of trendy colors like pink champagne and green coal.

credit card protection wallet

Travelambo Women’s Wallet RFID Blocking Bifold Multi Card Case Wallet with Zipper Pocket

People Are Saying: “I’ve been using this wallet for a few months now and I’m totally sold. I’ve carried it alone as well as in my purse. I LOVE how slim and elegant it is and Wow can it hold A LOT. I combined 2 wallets that I use to carry into this one and I feel so organized having everything in one place. The color is beautiful.” – Teedy2

 Buy it on Amazon for $14.99. In 41 colors.

2. Nautica’s Wallet Clutch

Nautica’s Wallet Clutch has several bold prints and patterns to choose from. Made with a vegan leather, this wallet has 14 credit card pockets, accordion-style pockets and a snap closure.

rfid protection wallet

Nautica Money Manager RFID Women’s Wallet Clutch Organizer

People are saying: “I am very pleased with the nautical money manager. The color is gorgeous!! What drew me to this was the 2 Windows on the top opening of the purse.” – Kay

Buy it on Amazon for $19.95. In 12 colors.

3. The Alpine Swiss Wallet

The Alpine Swiss wallet, among the highly rated RFID wallets for men, maintains a minimalist look of class and simplicity as it helps protect your personal information with RFID Blocking features. Made of genuine leather, this wallet comes in the classic leather colors like burgundy and smooth tan.

RFID wallets for men

Alpine Swiss RFID Protected Mens Spencer Flip ID Leather Bifold Wallet Comes in Gift Box

People are saying: “This wallet is built really well. All the seams and creases are tight and clean. Cards are a little snug when you first put them in, but after about a week everything feels comfortable.” – G. Martin 

Buy it on Amazon for $24.99. In 22 colors.

4. Timberland PRO Men’s Leather RFID Wallet

Timberland PRO Men’s Leather RFID Wallet has a removable flip pocket card carrier. This classic bifold, one of the most popular RFID wallets for men, is made of soft leather and has RFID blocking technology in its lining to help prevent unauthorized scans.

best RFID wallet

Timberland PRO Men’s Leather RFID Wallet with Removable Flip Pocket Card Carrier

People are saying: “I’m about a month into ownership, can confidently say this is the best wallet I’ve owned, and it’s built like a TANK. I think I’ll have it for a long time… very robust. Great purchase.” – Wendell

Buy it on Amazon for $32. In 3 colors.

5. Vera Bradley Women’s Wallet

Vera Bradley Women’s Wallet has the brand’s signature colorful and quirky patterns, in bold and trendy. Made of signature quilted cotton, this pouch is lightweight with 13 card slips and 2 bill slips.

RFID protection

Vera Bradley Women’s RFID Riley Compact Wallet-Signature

People are saying: “Love, love, love this little but holds tons wallet. It has many pockets for charge cards, zippered pocket for cash and 2 other pockets for money or sales slips, notes etc. … a slot for your ID card with clear plastic and a hole to easily remove your ID card. It has two snap closures to accommodate thickness of your wallet filled and overfilled. LOL. I use the zipped change outside pocket to hold my stamp books or in a pinch a pair of earrings or lipstick.” – NH Girl

Buy it on Amazon for $35. In 34 colorful patterns.

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