Best Apps to Make Money

While you’re scrolling around on your phone for hours, you could actually be using the best apps to make money to reward yourself. Believe it or not, some apps can actually kickback money to you for what you’d be doing anyway – whether it’s buying certain products, selling things you’re trying to get rid ofContinue reading “Best Apps to Make Money”

How to Pay Off Debt Faster

Learning how to pay off debt is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially when it comes to credit cards. The brutal cycle of debt can keep you from making important life steps, like buying a home or investing for retirement. Fortunately, you can learn how to pay off debt fasterContinue reading “How to Pay Off Debt Faster”

How to Increase Your Credit Score

Your credit score plays a very important role in your life. It can determine how much you pay for a mortgage or your credit card’s interest rate. Your credit history may even be considered when you apply for a job. That’s why it’s important to learn how to increase your credit score and strive forContinue reading “How to Increase Your Credit Score”

A $1,000 Emergency Fund: Is it Enough?

A $1,000 Emergency fund is a great start to saving for unexpected expenses, but it’s probably not enough.

As a rule of thumb, you should save three months’ worth of living expenses for a secure emergency fund. For most people, $1,000 can be very helpful in times of distress, but it likely won’t cover what you need to pay in just one month, let alone three.

How Low Interest Rate Credit Cards Help Manage Debt

Anyone who’s had credit card debt knows that it can escalate quickly. The reason your credit card debt seems to snowball is because of the interest, which can add up to create even more debt. That’s why low interest rate credit cards help keep costs down. Interest costs can have a very damaging compounding effect.Continue reading “How Low Interest Rate Credit Cards Help Manage Debt”

Balance Transfer Credit Cards: A Good Idea?

Transferring your debt to a credit card with low interest or 0% APR is often a great strategy for reducing your debt and saving money – and often a bad strategy. Balance transfer credit cards have a number of advantages, but also some downsides to consider. If you want to use a balance transfer toContinue reading “Balance Transfer Credit Cards: A Good Idea?”

Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit

People with bad credit often feel like they have gotten themselves stuck in a cycle that’s impossible to escape. Fortunately, the best credit cards for bad credit are designed specifically to help people with poor credit get on better financial footing. If you have a bad credit score, whether for having a history of lateContinue reading “Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit”

How to Choose the Best Credit Card for Your Finances

Your credit history will play a role in what kinds of credit card you can get The best credit card for you will be based in part on how you plan to use the card Review the main features of each credit card: credit limits, interest rates, perks, and penalties Credit cards can bring bigContinue reading “How to Choose the Best Credit Card for Your Finances”