Wells Fargo Routing Number: How to Find It Now

Wells Fargo Routing Number

Routing numbers are like a transfer key to an account. Finding the Wells Fargo routing number, or the routing number for any other bank, is not difficult at all.

In fact, there are few key ways to find the routing number you need – after all not every routing number is the same as it is with many other banks. Yours will depend on the area where you opened your checking account.

In this article, you’ll learn:

Wells Fargo Check Routing Number by State

Routing numbers are not confidential. You can find your check routing number for Wells Fargo right now using this chart. (Your state is the state where you opened an account):

Wells Fargo Routing Number

Wells Fargo Wire Transfer Routing Numbers

The routing numbers for wire transfers and international wire transfers are the same for each Wells Fargo customer, not matter which state they bank in:

  • Domestic wire transfers: 121000248
  • International wire transfers: WFBIUS63

Wire transfers typically have a different routing number because banks and credit unions process them differently. Usually, these numbers help the transfers go through much more quickly.

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What is a Routing Number?

The ABA (American Bankers Association) routing transit number is a nine-digit number that identifies the financial institution when money is used from an account there. A check routing number allows you to order new checks or set up direct deposit.

Routing numbers come into play when you receive government benefits or are getting a direct deposit with your tax return.

In addition, you also need a routing number send money to family or friends. The routing number will identify wire transfers – both international and domestic.

Routing numbers were created in 1910 by the American Bankers Association as a way for banks to process checks. They are also known as:

  • Check Routing Numbers
  • Routing Transit Numbers
  • ABA Numbers

Where Can I find my Wells Fargo Routing Number?

You can find your routing number in several places – printed on your check, in information with your online account, and on Wells Fargo’s website.

Usually on checks, the bank’s general routing number for checking is printed at the bottom along with your specific account number. Typically, the routing number appears first on the left side. (The next set of numbers is your account number, followed by your check number.)

Can I get my Wells Fargo Routing Number Online?

Yes, you can find your routing number with your account information online. Simply log into your account and your routing number will be among the information on your checking account page.

If you’re not in a position to log in securely, you can get routing numbers from Wells Fargo’s website: https://www.wellsfargo.com/help/routing-number/.

Are all routing Numbers the Same for Wells Fargo?

Unlike smaller banks, Wells Fargo has more than one routing number for checks. Larger banks typically have a routing number for each state to help them process checks better.

Wells Fargo’s routing numbers for domestic wire transfers (121000248) and international transfers are the same (WFBIUS63).

What happens if you send money to the wrong routing number?

If you get the routing number wrong and it doesn’t match the account number, the bank will reject the transfer and send you a notice. Even if your routing number is off by a single digit, your money can be sent to the wrong place.

However, if an account exists with the information you enter, it may process into that account. To stop the transfer, you can make changes if the transfer is still “pending.” Some banks are more willing to help you correct these errors than others.

Unfortunately, wire transfers cannot be reversed by the bank. You assume liability for entering the correct numbers.

Still, many banks will contact the recipient and work with you to have the money transferred back to you. But it’s important to always double, if not triple, check the routing numbers you use.

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